Our Team

We’re not just experts. We’re athletes and coaches. We’re ordinary people with a goal to live actively—at every age and stage. We know what it’s like to experience the setback of surgery, build back from an injury, and relearn habits of movement in order to stay healthy and free from pain.

Our therapists and exercise specialists combine high-level certification in physiotherapy and sports performance with the passion and insight that comes from decades of professional practice and personal experience. And we want to share the benefits of all our experience with you.

Together, we’ve developed a truly collaborative and comprehensive approach that seamlessly transitions from rehab to injury prevention to mobility optimization to athletic training.

Working as a team, we help individuals, athletes, and sports teams recover from injuries, regain mobility, improve their quality of life, increase their athletic ability, and achieve their goals.

Our ability to cross-reference each other’s observations and areas of expertise means that we are able to coordinate approaches to treatment, addressing issues at their root cause and providing holistic solutions.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Physiotherapist Intern
Occupational Therapist
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Our Clinic

Connect is a community-focused, open-concept clinic equipped for all stages of movement work—from injury rehab to performance training.

Everyone should be able to access education and programming that facilitates optimal movement. In addition to providing a broad continuum of care to our clients, we aim to serve our community by being a reliable source of information on the intersections of physical therapy, exercise, and performance training.

We have a variety of top-of-the-line equipment including free weights, barbells, power racks, and cardio equipment, as well as plenty of open movement space.

While our group classes and most of our therapy and training take place in an open-concept space, clients can request to work in a private room.

Located in the heart of the Allendale community of Edmonton, our building is accessible to wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers. Ample parking is available for both cars and bicycles.

Monday & Wednesday: 9AM – 7PM

Tuesday & Thursday: 8AM – 7PM

Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Saturday: 9AM – 1PM

Sunday: Closed

Holidays: Closed

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