Achieve Your Personal Bests.

At Connect Physiotherapy & Exercise, we cater to every runner’s needs, whether you’re new to running or a seasoned marathoner. Our running services are uniquely comprehensive, offering everything from advanced VO2 max testing to personalized running plans and specialized strength and conditioning programs. You can choose any of these services individually, or combine them for a fully integrated approach to improve your running experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible services tailored to your needs.
  • Expert guidance to optimize your running performance and enjoyment.
  • Personalized strategies for injury prevention and improved running efficiency.
  • Support for runners at all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.

What We Offer.

VO2max Testing

Gain deep insights into your aerobic limits with VO2 max testing at Connect. This advanced analysis measures your maximum rate of oxygen uptake, providing a precise benchmark of your cardiovascular fitness and endurance capabilities. Our expert team uses these insights to tailor training programs that can significantly enhance your running efficiency and performance.

Strength Training

Work with one of our experienced coaches to develop a weight training program to enhance your running strength and resilience. Receive tailored workouts designed to target key muscle groups used in running, boosting your power and stability. Our expert coaches focus on developing a specific strength program aimed at enhancing your overall running mechanics, reducing injury risk, and improving your endurance, making each stride more effective and efficient.

Run Programming

Get a custom running plan crafted by our qualified coaches to meet your specific goals. You’ll receive personalized programming and ongoing support that aligns with your unique running goals and abilities. Our expert team designs dynamic running plans that progressively enhance your speed, endurance, and technique. Through these customized plans, we aim to optimize your running efficiency, minimize the risk of injuries, and help you achieve new milestones in your running journey. 

Physiotherapy Assessment

If you are looking to prevent injuries, our physiotherapy run assessment provides a detailed analysis of your overall flexibility, strength, and movement patterns, helping you to run more efficiently. In this 60-minute assessment, our physiotherapists will collect a detailed history of your running experiences, previous injuries, and running goals. They will then take you through a series of functional tests to assess all aspects of your strength and flexibility, specifically as they pertain to running. From there, you will be provided with an exercise plan to ensure you can continue to progress towards your running goals. 


VO2max Test: $150 + GST

Completed in two sessions. The VO2max test will be performed during your first session. During the second session you will receive a 30-minute consultation which will include a comprehensive breakdown of your results, what they mean, and how to utilize them to inform training.


VO2max Test + 6-Week Running Program: $250 + GST

VO2max test, consultation, plus 6-weeks of structured runs programmed to help you progress toward your goals. This package also includes weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and adapt the plan as necessary. Run plans are delivered straight to your smartphone, tablet or computer via our online platform.


8-Week Strength Training: $257.14 + GST

Elevate your running training with 8-weeks of run specific strength training; including 4 in-person one-on-one training sessions with one of our strength and conditioning coaches.


Physiotherapy Assessment: $130

60-minute physiotherapy session geared toward helping you stay on track with your running goals. We can provide direct billing for physiotherapy to most insurance companies. Please contact us if you have questions regarding direct billing for a specific company.

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