Train your whole team.

Sport is all about preparation. Work with one of our certified strength and conditioning coaches to develop and implement a periodized program for your team. We assess your players and design an effective plan to improve performance, increase competitiveness, optimize recovery, and reduce injuries.

Based on your team’s needs, budget, and schedule, we will customize a package for you consisting of:

  • A comprehensive sport needs analysis including a physiological and biomechanical analysis, and the identification of key areas that need to be focused on for injury prevention
  • A structured training program built around your yearly sport schedule
  • Data-driven movement assessment and gold standard, evidence-based fitness testing
  • Continuous monitoring and communication via online training platform
  • Training sessions scheduled according to sport season

Every player counts.

We use data collected in our initial assessment as a starting point for your team’s program. We know it’s important to identify areas of improvement for both individual athletes and the team as a whole. We can make program adjustments for individual athletes, taking into account previous or current injuries, individual strengths and weaknesses, and individual goals.

The Connect difference.

Our strength and conditioning coaches and physiotherapists work closely to deliver high performance training to teams by:

  • Customizing your training plan to account for previous injuries and to manage training stresses
  • Limiting your time away from training and competition due to injury and working together to ensure your team makes a seamless return to play based on quantifiable performance outcomes
  • Collaborating at key stages to decide when it’s best to proceed from rehab back to training

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Full team package

Our full team package includes a sport needs analysis, fitness testing, team strength and conditioning program, continuous monitoring and communication via training platform, and supervised training sessions. Because training is planned around the sport season, we charge a monthly fee to ensure continuity of training. We recommend the level of service based on your team’s training experience, season (off- versus in-season), budget, and goals. If your team members are under the age of 15, please contact us for more information.

Full team packages from $750 per month

Team fitness assessment

We’ll rigorously assess your athletes’ mobility, strength, power, speed, and overall fitness.

Two-hour assessment (up to 10 athletes): $350

Additional time/assessments (after first two hours of assessment session or after first four sessions): $150 per hour

Team training sessions

Team training sessions are based on your team’s fitness assessment and designed to optimize both individual and team performance while maintaining your players’ health and fitness. A typical session includes a combination of: warm up and cool down, strength training, exercise education, movement drills and mobility and recovery techniques. Sessions are capped at 10 participants to ensure your athletes learn proper technique and have access to hands-on coaching.

60-minute sessions: $200

90-minute sessions: $250

Note: GST will be added to all team training services.

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