Reach your highest potential.

Take your performance to the next level with gold standard fitness testing. If you are a competitive or tactical athlete looking to establish your baseline we can help! Connect can help you establish a precise baseline to plan or modify your training so that your can maximize your performance.

Fitness and health testing available:

  • Metabolic Assessment:
    • VO2 Max
    • Wingate
    • Resting Metabolic Rate
    • Lactate testing
  • Body Composition:
    • Underwater weighing
    • Skinfold measurements
  • Athlete Combine Test:
    • Anthropometrics (i.e. height, weight)
    • Grip strength
    • Vertical jump
    • Mid-thigh pull
    • Long jump
    • Sprint testing
    • Agility T-test
    • 20-m shuttle run (beep test)
  • Muscular Strength, Power and Endurance:
    • Cybex testing
    • Force plate testing
    • Lower body force velocity profile
    • Repetition maximum testing

Detailed description for each test found here.


Fitness testing
Your strength and conditioning coach will use the data gained from your testing to establish your baseline level, monitor your progress, and peak your performance for when it counts. Testing will be tailored to your sport, activity or occupation.

Costs vary. Please contact us for more details.

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