Tanner Kowal

Tanner Kowal
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dedicated and adaptable strength and conditioning coach with a passion for continual improvement. With a degree in kinesiology and certifications as a registered kinesiologist and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), Tanner brings extensive expertise to his coaching practice.

With a background in competitive basketball and running, Tanner understands the importance of tailoring training approaches for significant performance gains. His experience as a student trainer for the University of Alberta men's basketball team solidified his understanding of the impact of personalized strength and conditioning programs on performance and injury prevention.Tanner's comprehensive knowledge of fitness and health assessment allows him to meticulously analyze each client's needs, recognizing that even small adjustments can lead to substantial benefits. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive education and instruction to empower clients in achieving their goals, whether it's improving movement mechanics, enhancing performance, or recovering from injury.Tanner's coaching style is highly individualized, ensuring personalized attention and tailored training programs. Whether clients aim to overcome injuries and regain strength or maximize their athletic potential, Tanner's adaptable approach ensures they receive the guidance and support needed to succeed.With a strong educational background in kinesiology, registered kinesiologist status, and CSCS certification. Tanner is a trusted professional to navigate clients' fitness journeys effectively. His commitment to continual improvement, paired with his expertise, makes him an ideal partner for anyone seeking to reach their fitness goals and unlock their true potential.

Specialty Strength and Conditioning Coach
Degrees BKin, CSCS
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday