Work online with one of our professional care providers.

Are you looking for guidance on managing an injury or condition, but aren’t able to make it into our clinic? TeleRehab allows us to meet with you virtually to provide you with the education and home treatment plan you need to recover.

How does TeleRehab work?

Our physiotherapists begin with your detailed history, then conduct a joint-specific and functional movement exam to identify the areas of your pain and dysfunction. From there, we provide you with the knowledge you’ll need to begin—with a little help from our virtual education tools (including a 3-D virtual anatomy app and videos to demonstrate proper exercise and soft tissue mobilization techniques). We then develop a home treatment plan, taking into consideration the equipment you have access to.

TeleRehab is most helpful for those who have:

  • Limited access to in-person physiotherapy services
  • Regular or extended periods of travel
  • Small children at home
  • Limited mobility or transportation

Connecting is easy!

All you need to access online appointments is a stable internet connection and computer, tablet, or smartphone with a speaker and microphone. For more information on TeleRehab visit our FAQ page.


One-on-one TeleRehab session

A typical TeleRehab session includes education on your condition, advice on condition management, instruction on performing home treatment, and tracking of your personalized home treatment plan.

Initial assessment and treatment: $120

45 – 60 minute initial visit

Follow-up treatment: $95

30 – 45 minute session

We can provide direct billing for TeleRehab to most insurance companies. Please contact us if you have questions regarding direct billing for a specific company.

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