Training designed for your lifestyle.

Work with Connect’s team of exercise specialists if you are looking to break through a fitness plateau, revamp your routine, or learn proper exercise form and technique. We have the coaching experience combined with advanced degrees in exercise science to give you the individualized support you need. And we’re here to to help you stick to your plan in a real-life context as you balance stressors from your personal life, work or school.

Learn it right and gain confidence.

We can help you:

  • Learn proper exercise techniques to progressively build strength and fitness
  • Develop a custom routine to practice at home or at another training facility
  • Incorporate specific exercises to complement another sport or activity
  • Fit exercise into a busy lifestyle or add variety to your routine
  • Build back strength and skill after an injury
  • Learn to exercise safely with a unique medical condition

Let’s get started.

Meet with us in person or online for a free consultation so we can learn more about your goals and answer your questions before getting started.

After your consultation, we will get right into your movement assessment, exercise instruction, education, and program initiation at your initial session.

Book follow-up sessions to help you improve your technique and track your progress in your personalized program.

Together, we’ll determine the optimal amount of follow-up support you’ll need.


One-on-one training session

A typical one-on-one training session includes technique assessment and correction, goals check-in, ongoing development of your personalized program, and progress tracking.

Book additional follow-up sessions when you want to switch up your routine or need a technique refresher. These can be scheduled monthly, bi-weekly or weekly depending on the goals you’ve established and how your program is progressing.

1 session: $75 – $95

60-minute session

Training package: $270 – $342

4 x 60-minute session

Ongoing programming and support

Access your personalized exercise program to do your routine wherever, reference the exercise video database for a refresher on technique whenever you need to, and track your results and progress over time. Your exercise specialist stays closely connected with you for regular check-ins, tweaks to your program if needed, and that extra bit of motivation to keep you on track.

Starting at $100 per month

Note: GST will be added to all exercise services.

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