Evan Lieu

Evan Lieu
Massage Therapist

Evan's massage therapy practice is underpinned by a comprehensive educational background.

Including a Bachelor's in Kinesiology from the University of Alberta his qualifications allow him to offer care that is beneficial for individuals leading active lifestyles or those requiring specific therapeutic attention. In his practice, Evan prioritizes hands-on techniques that promote relaxation and aid in rehabilitation. His approach is straightforward and focused, relying on proven methods to ensure his treatments are both effective and purposeful. Evan's treatments are centered around deep tissue and therapeutic massage techniques, adeptly addressing muscular and soft tissue issues. His passion for Olympic weightlifting not only highlights his commitment to physical fitness but also gives him unique insights into the rigours of high-intensity sports. This understanding proves invaluable when customizing treatments to support the performance enhancement and recovery of athletes and active individuals. Evan's professional demeanour is marked by a no-nonsense approach to massage therapy. By sticking to established and impactful techniques, he ensures that his care is direct and beneficial. This commitment makes him a dependable member of our team and a trusted therapist for our clients, dedicated to providing essential care that meets the needs of those seeking to improve their health and wellness.

Specialty Massage Therapist
Degrees Bkin, RMT
Work Days Wednesday