Personalized Performance Coaching.

If you’re an athlete or highly motivated individual with specific performance goals, looking for structure and motivation to meet those goals, custom coaching is for you. Working with one of our strength and conditioning coaches you get:

  • A comprehensive needs analysis
  • Movement assessment and exercise testing
  • Technique coaching on exercise performance
  • A personalized, periodized program

Uncover your potential and drive your training in the right direction.

Our certified strength and conditioning coaches start with a needs analysis of your sport. We profile both the physiological and biomechanical demands you experience in action, and identify the areas you need to focus on for injury prevention. We use gold standard and evidence-based movement assessments and exercise testing as a starting point for your program and to measure your progress over time. We’ve partnered with the University of Alberta’s Sport and Health Assessment centre to provide performance assessment services at a preferred rate for Connect clients.

Personalized support and motivation through experienced coaching.

Our coaches have the education, experience, passion, and drive to get the most from every athlete they work with—including you.

Peak performance when it counts.

Your periodized training plan will help you optimize your performance and maximize your recovery to reduce injuries. And we’re here to make sure you’re able to stick to your plan in a real-life context. We can continuously monitor your progress and communicate with you as you manage stressors from training, competition, personal life, and school or work. Our strength and conditioning coaches can also liaise with your sport coach or other health professionals to ensure a coordinated approach.

The Connect difference.

Our strength and conditioning coaches and physiotherapists work closely to deliver high-performance training to our athletes and clients by:

  • Customizing your training plan to account for previous injuries and to manage training stresses
  • Limiting your time away from training and competition due to injury and working together to ensure you make a seamless return to play based on quantifiable performance outcomes
  • Collaborating at key stages to decide when it’s best to proceed from rehab back to training

It’s time to optimize your performance. Start with a free consultation to tell us more about how we can help you reach your goals.


Custom coaching sessions
Work exclusively with a Connect strength and conditioning coach to receive personalized instruction and support. Take advantage of one-on-one coaching on advanced exercise technique, or customize your session to support your performance goals.

1 session: $75 – $95

60-minute session

Training package: $270 – $342

4 x 60-minute session

Ongoing programming and support

Access your periodized strength and conditioning program wherever you train, reference the exercise video database for a refresher on technique whenever you need to, and track your results and progress over time. Your strength and conditioning coach stays closely connected with you for regular check-ins, adjustments to your program if needed, and to peak your performance when it counts.

Starting at $125 per month.

Note: GST will be added to all performance training services.

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