Edmonton Physiotherapy
and Performance

Combining physiotherapy, active rehab and training.

We provide injury rehabilitation and prevention, exercise education, and performance training. Whatever your current condition, we can help you reduce your pain, restore your daily function, improve your overall health, prevent injury, and optimize your individual and team performance.

Where you fit in.

Whether you’re injured, recovering from surgery, looking for a community to support you in living an active life, or trying to level-up in a sport or physical practice.

We’re here to offer rehabilitative treatments (such as hands-on physiotherapy and corrective exercise), exercise education (including group classes), and science-backed performance training for both individuals and teams.

Connect is a
multidisciplinary community clinic.

Unlike many traditional physiotherapy clinics, we are a team of experienced therapists and exercise specialists who work collaboratively—with each other, with our community, and with you.

Our comprehensive evidence-based treatment model and open-concept space are designed to help us deliver a personalized program that integrates your abilities, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Looking for evidence-based online treatment, training, or support? We offer TeleRehab and a digital training program that you can access at home or on the road.

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