Josh Langkamp

Josh Langkamp
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Josh Langkamp, a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, seamlessly integrates his passion and expertise at Connect Physiotherapy and Exercise.

His academic credentials, including a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from the University of Alberta and a CSCS certification from the NSCA, equip him with a in depth knowledge of physical performance and how to optimize it.Beyond his personal experience as a boxer, Josh's enthusiasm extends to sports like hockey and football, enriching his perspective on the varied demands of different athletic disciplines.Josh's approach emphasizes the importance of individualized attention. Whether it's enhancing athletic performance, refining movement techniques, or getting back into training and sport following an injury, he believes that appropriately planned and executed exercise is the key to achieving one's goals.As Josh looks to the future, his aspirations are anchored in the field of physiotherapy. With a strong dedication to ongoing education and supported by his academic achievements, Josh is a dependable guide for those aiming to improve their fitness and athletic abilities. For those determined to reach their peak potential, Josh Langkamp is the supportive partner you'd want by your side.

Specialty Strength and Conditioning Coach
Degrees BKin, CSCS
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday