Restore, optimize and maintain function.

If you are dealing with an acute injury or experiencing pain or discomfort with exercise or daily activities, physiotherapy can help. Our physiotherapists complete a thorough assessment to pinpoint the root cause of your issue, then develop an individualized plan to effectively address your needs.

Signs that you may need physiotherapy treatment include:

  • Recent surgery or injury
  • Restricted range of motion
  • Lingering shoulder, hip, knee or ankle pain
  • Chronic neck or lower back pain
  • Recurrent flare-ups of old injuries
  • Mobility issues or stiff joints
  • Decreased balance or strength
  • Tendon pain

We combine hands on treatment with active rehab.

Appointments run 45 – 60 minutes and combine hands-on treatment, education, and active rehab (exercise therapy). Our goal is to help relieve your pain, provide you with an understanding of your injury or condition, and develop a home exercise plan to help you restore your function. Once you’ve recovered, working with one of our exercise specialists can help ensure your future is active, enjoyable, and free of injury.

Treatments we provide include:

  • Massage and myofascial relief
  • Trigger point release
  • Cupping
  • Dry needling/IMS
  • Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization
  • Mobilization with movement
  • Muscle energy and PNF techniques
  • Joint mobilizations and spinal manipulations.

Looking to prevent injuries or enhance function?

Consult with one of our physiotherapists to identify and correct the muscle imbalances and/or faulty movement patterns that can lead to injury. When you’re ready for a more extensive plan, our exercise specialists work closely with our physiotherapists to help address your needs and build strength and confidence with exercise.

Bike Fit

We now offer bike fitting click here for more information.

Motor vehicle accidents.

Please let us know at your initial assessment if you are dealing with a motor vehicle accident claim.


One-on-one physiotherapy session
A typical physiotherapy session includes education on your condition, advice on condition management, manual therapy and exercises, any other appropriate treatment modalities (such as ultrasound, heat treatment, electrical stimulation, etc.), and instruction on exercises to do at home.

Initial assessment and treatment: $120
45 – 60 minutes

Follow-up treatment: $95
30 – 45 minutes

Physiotherapy Strength & Conditioning Assessment: $150
60 minutes

Physiotherapy Strength & Conditioning Follow-up: $95
60 minutes

Physiotherapy Postpartum Return to Exercise Assessment : $150
60 minutes

Physiotherapy Postpartum Return to Exercise Follow-up: $95
60 minutes

We can provide direct billing for physiotherapy to most insurance companies. Please contact us if you have questions regarding direct billing for a specific company.

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