Safi Shirazi

Safi Shirazi
Physiotherapist Intern

Committed to the sciences of physical health and movement, Safi offers specialized care that includes sports performance and comprehensive rehabilitation.

Merging his passion for active living with a foundation in physiotherapy, Safi empowers his clients to achieve their wellness objectives, enhance their functional capacity, and prevent injuries.Safi's approach is enriched by his personal involvement in basketball and mixed martial arts, reflecting not only in his therapeutic practices but also in his understanding of the demands of various sports. He leverages this insight to his practice, focusing on targeted exercise programs and manual therapy techniques. Additionally, Safi emphasizes the importance of education within his treatment plans, dedicating time to ensure that each client is well-informed about their path to recovery and overall health optimization.At Connect Physiotherapy & Exercise, Safi's commitment to holistic health is evident through his adaptive and client-centered strategies. His blend of professional expertise and genuine enthusiasm for helping others makes him a pivotal member of our team, guiding individuals toward not just recovery, but thriving physical performance and well-being.

Specialty Physiotherapist Intern
Degrees MScPT, B.Sc
Work Days Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday