Postpartum exercise designed for you.

Your body undergoes significant changes after having a baby. Navigating exercise and returning to sport can be daunting. We offer individualized support to help postpartum women return to heavy lifting, elite sport, or active living—safely and effectively.

Experience our one-of-a-kind postpartum strength and conditioning program.

Work with Amy, co-owner of Connect and clinical exercise physiologist and certified strength and conditioning coach. She combines over 10 years of coaching experience with degrees in exercise science, integrating advanced knowledge in biomechanics and physiology to give you the individualized support you need to navigate exercise—postpartum and beyond.

Amy understands first-hand how difficult it can be to resume a high level of training after childbirth. She was inspired to pursue postpartum research after her own return to heavy lifting and cycling after the birth of her daughter in 2019. As a graduate student researcher with the Program for Pregnancy & Postpartum Health at the University of Alberta, Amy stays up-to-date on the latest findings in postpartum exercise and sport.

Amy can help you:

  • Develop a safe and effective, evidence-based exercise program tailored to your stage of postpartum
  • Build strength and fitness progressively through objective measures based on your performance goals
  • Address pregnancy-related changes to posture, muscle tone, conditioning and movement mechanics
  • Return to Olympic weightlifting, high performance training, and sport after childbirth
  • Modify exercise techniques and progressions to address specific postpartum issues such as pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain, and diastasis recti
  • Develop a custom strength and conditioning program, incorporating the best exercises for you and your goals

Safely start exercising again after childbirth.

Meet with Amy in person or online for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, assess your readiness to start exercising again, and identify a starting point for your training.

At your initial session after the consultation, we’ll get right into your movement assessment, exercise instruction, education, and program initiation.

Book follow-up sessions to help you improve your technique, troubleshoot issues, and track your progress.

Together, we’ll determine the optimal amount of follow-up support you’ll need. If necessary, Amy will liaise with other health practitioners to ensure a coordinated approach.


One-on-one postpartum training session

A typical one-on-one training session includes a movement and technique assessment, ongoing development of your personalized program, and progress tracking. Follow-up sessions are scheduled monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly—depending on your initial assessment, goals you’ve established, and how your program is progressing.

1 session: $95

60-minute session

Starter package (new clients): $225

3×60-minute session

Training package: $400

5×60-minute session

Note: All postpartum exercise services include GST.

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